From algae to bonsai apple tree.

  • Fill your vivarium with plants and animals grown and breed by yourself.
  • Observe lifeforms change due to selection over generations.
  • Trade rare seedlings and eggs to design complex ecosystems.
  • Traverse bona fide botanic journey beginning half billion years ago.

Grow plants, ferns, flowers and fruit trees from simple algae. Creatura simulates genetic mechanisms to pass traits over generations, allowing to carefully craft and bring to life any vivarium design, using just player controlled artificial and natural selection.

From single cell to small and big mammals. Watch first self replicating organism split in your primordial aquarium, take care of animal populations by planting safe gardens to inhibit, or expose them to harsh natural selection and breed only traits required to survive.


All life came from single sponge.

  • Breed unique ecosystem consisting of animals from forty families.
  • Discover species emerging from natural and artificial selection.
  • Plan self-sustaining vivarium and witness it filling up with inhabitants.
  • Watch evolution work up to ultimate apex predator, an primate ape.

No fail state. No win condition. Shape the ground with couple of swipes, control water level, placement of decorations and trim growth of your plants. Expand your vivarium and fill with billions of possible combinations of unique fauna and flora species design.

Self-sustaining, on every screen.

  • Controlled environment pet tank for your classroom, workplace or room.
  • Design and plan complex ecosystems, share them with other players.
  • Breed the most demanding specimens and trade them globally.
  • ...Or just watch as evolution happens in world you've crafted.


Q: What is Creatura?
A: Creatura is virtual-vivarium evolution simulator/sandbox.

Q: How the gameplay works?
A: By planting, trimming and moving fauna/flora, to setup and plan unique environment combinations resulting in adapted plants growing and animals breeding.

Q: What is the ultimate goal?
A: To either breed most advanced lifeform, complete collection of animals/plants, play through ecosystem scenarios or watch your sandbox thrive on its own.

Q: What is the fail state?
A: None. Your plants will regrow until removed, and at least singe specie of animals will always have heir to their genotype.

Q: Does player control the animals?
A: No. Player can interfere physically with animals, drag, move, pet or scold them, but not control directly.

Q: Does player control the evolution of animals?
A: Only by planing artificial, and encouraging natural selection. No selective upgrades system or levelling nonsense.

Q: How accurately it simulates evolution?
A: Every life form in game has genotype passed over generations to its heir. All changes are effects of best adaptation to environment maintained/planned by player.

Q: How accurate are evolution algorithms?
A: All population/mutation variables are based on Principles of Population Genetics by D. L. Hartl and A. G. Clark, with consideration for gameplay mechanics.

Q: What are the limitations?
A: Single vivarium supports up to 24 animals, and every specie consist of up to 6 specimens. Player can expand size of Vivarium up to 5X times.

Q: What's the point of in-game currency?
A: To buy in-game utilities and trade specimens with other players. Plant and animals can be bought for currency only from other players.

Q: How do i acquire currency?
A: By selling offspring and seedlings on in-game market.

Q: Are animals and plants procedurally generated?
A: No. Shape, textures and scale differs for every specimen, but all models ale premade.

Q: When public version will be available?
A: Once the game passes Steam Greenlight process or gets a publishing deal. Current alpha is still early proof of concept, but hopefully Creatura will see public release in 2017.